Video: Woodland & Adventure Inspired Girl’s Nursery Tour

I’m now in the midst of that weird stretch of maternity leave prior to giving birth where I’ve reached full term but am not really sure how long I’ve got to go – it could be anywhere between now and a month! As such, I’m working my way through the things I want to do on maternity leave, and also throwing in a few extra things such as grabbing the vlogging camera and filming a few videos! You might have spotted one I filmed for BCLC the other day on maternity and nursing bras from Figleaves, and today I’ve decided to branch into something a bit different: I’ve been filming a “day in the life” style video of maternity leave, but I’ve also created a quick nursery tour!

Decorating a woodland nursery - wooden forest animals

I shared a sneak peek of stage 1 of our nursery back in November, then last month I talked a bit more about the details and how we’re prepping the house for baby’s arrival. While I still don’t think the nursery is entirely finished, today I’ve got a tour of how it’s looking right now – pretty much baby ready!

As I said in the video, I think the nursery is always going to be a work in progress, just like a child is! At present, we don’t know necessarily know what we need, what we’ll actually use and how we’ll use it. I imagine the organisation I have currently will change – for example, the drawers will quickly fill up with teeny baby clothes and I’d say the storage system I have currently probably won’t work for long. That’s if I manage to keep a storage system at all!

Right now for organisation, I’ve gone for top drawer of the changing table and chest of drawers as nappy and changing stuff storage, all divided up using IKEA organisation boxes. It’s a bit annoying as they don’t fit yperfectlym into the drawers as they’re not IKEA’s own ones that are designed to fit their storage options, but they fit well enough. We’ve been lucky so far in terms of nappies that we haven’t actually had to buy any disposable ones – I’ve received some from friends with babies who had them left over, plus some games from my baby shower and some free samples. It means we’ve got various different brands including Aldi, Lidl, Tesco, Pampers and Naty, which are an eco-friendly brand, so it’ll be interesting to see how they compare! Then, of course, I have a selection of reusable nappies, a couple gifted via Bambino Mio and some more that we bought at Aldi when they had their baby event on.

Nappy drawer nursery storage

The other drawers are basic clothing storage – the first drawer is newborn items, although it looks a little empty as I think I may have overpacked the hospital bag! The second drawer is 0-3 and 3-6 months which will hopefully come in handy later rather than immediately! The “cuter” clothes are stored in the wardrobe currently, but I’m not sure whether they might get moved to the drawers or elsewhere in future.

The other main storage area we have is under the cot. We got an undercot storage drawer from the same range as the rest of our furniture that slides underneath the cot really easily and also fits more IKEA storage boxes. A lot of these, like the IKEA Kallax storage too, are currently empty. I’m fully anticipating that we’ll acquire a LOT more stuff once she’s born, so I wanted to be prepare to have somewhere organised to store things!

In terms of what else is new since I last posted about the nursery, the big one is the glider chair. I got this on Gumtree for £50 but it’s something that’s still available on Mothercare for £190 and it’s basically in unused condition. We’ve also bought a very practical nappy bin – a necessity! – and have set up our shelves for books from my baby shower and a couple more bits of decoration.

As I’ve said before, we didn’t want to go too girly with the nursery so have instead focused on things we love and hope she will too – woodland creatures, adventure, mountains, a hint of Disney here and there. Now we just continue the wait until she makes her appearance! So make sure to watch the video above to see the full tour of the nursery, and head over here to find links to all the items mentioned.

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