6 Time Saving Life Hacks for Working Mums

Trying to juggle work life, social life and household chores on top of caring for your children can sometimes feel overwhelming. Whether you’re a new mum heading back to work soon or simply struggling to keep up with life’s demands, these six life hacks will save both your time and your sanity. 

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  • Automate your life admin

Where possible, try and automate as many life admin tasks as possible! Set up direct debits for all of your bills, even if they’re just paying off the minimum payment, you can always make additional payments if necessary. Order your food shop online and save your trolley for next time so you simply have to click a couple of buttons and have your shopping completed in a matter of seconds. It’s a lot less stressful than a time-consuming trip to the supermarket, and you’re more likely to spot good deals and refrain from picking up extra items you don’t really need. 

  • Prepare the night before

Use your time alone wisely, when the kids have gone to bed, utilise this couple of hours to prepare for the day ahead in order to avoid a stressful morning. Make your lunches and organise your outfit for the next day and even lay out the breakfast table to save time during the manic work morning rush. 

  • Declutter your home

If you feel as though you’re spending too much time searching for lost items in the house, then it’s definitely time to have a clear-out. Mark a day in your diary to spend time decluttering each room in the house and tidying toys into storage boxes. If your home is overflowing and you’re struggling to make room, a storage unit is a great idea. You can access your items whenever needed, enjoy a home that’s organised, and save time hunting down your favourite pair of shoes at 7am. 

  • Devise a family rota

Mothers are wonder women, but the household chores and admin shouldn’t all be left to one person. Create a family rota to ensure everyone is pulling their weight and chipping in where possible. This will enable a smoother home operation and give you more free time to organise other aspects of your life. 

  • Menuplan for the week

Much of our time as parents is spent preparing and cooking dinner for the kids, it’s a hugely time-consuming task and if the preparation has been missed you could end up spending more time deliberating whether chips can be classed as a vegetable than actually cooking your meal. At the start of the month, create a meal plan so you know exactly what’s for tea each night. This will also help you with your online food shop. Where possible, bulk cook dishes such as chilli and freeze portions that you can enjoy a few days later. Cook smart!

  • Make an emergency kit

Keep an emergency kit in the car which includes plasters, spare clothes, baby wipes, and bottled water for any in-car emergencies that may arise en-route to playgroup or school. This will save you time and allow you to (hopefully) continue your journey without having to return home. 

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