Dungarees on the Boardwalk – Breastfeeding Mama Outfit

GAP dungaree shorts breastfeeding outfit

Wow, life with a baby has really been getting on top of me these last few weeks – these photos are nearly a month old but feel like I took them just last week! Emmy’s got a whole lot more demanding in the past few weeks, as in, her naps started being only 28 minutes long and would take up to 45 minutes to get her asleep for them, then in her awake times, she now needs pretty much constant entertainment. She’s a very active baby which is absolutely wonderful – she’s very talkative, notices everything around her and loves playing, but it means that she’s also very easily bored and easily distracted, so we spend the day going from one room to another, playing with different things, singing songs, dancing and trying to find something new for her to play with! She also constantly wants to sit up (by herself!) even though she’s still too small at just 3.5 months! It means that finding 10 minutes to write a blog post isn’t really all that easy! Right now, I’ve got her playing on her play mat by my feet with a foil blanket which keeps her amused for about 20 minutes normally, her longest stretch.

GAP dungaree shorts breastfeeding outfit
GAP dungaree shorts breastfeeding outfit

A few weeks ago, it was much easier to keep her amused as the weather was nicer, as in these photos, so we could go out for walks. Emmy loves going for walks, whether in her pram or carrier, as she loves watching the trees, the birds, people walking past, pretty colours in shops – anything she can watch, she loves! Now we’ve got chilly, rainy weather, it’s not so easy! Even if I put the rain cover on the pram, she can’t quite see out properly so gets annoyed, and if I put her in the carrier, she tilts her head back and gets rain in her eyes! It’s a hard life being a baby! So we’re figuring out lots of rainy day activities at the moment and counting our blessings that she’s a summer baby rather than a winter one, as this time of learning would be a lot harder over winter I think!

Anyway, I managed to snap these photos while Emmy was having a quick nap in the pram on the way back from Weigh, Stay and Play last month – we’ve since been to another of these (she gets weighed every 4 weeks), so you can see how behind I am! She’s measured up at a good weight at both of these, and we popped into a couple of shops on the way out of the market place then decided to go for a bit of a walk while she napped. This is a new boardwalk and pond that we just discovered in the park behind our old house – it only opened just before we took these photos so it was a bit of an accidental discovery! We actually ended up taking a fairly long walk after this so it was lucky it was a lovely day.

GAP dungaree shorts breastfeeding outfit
GAP dungaree shorts breastfeeding outfit

This outfit is a perfect example of a good breastfeeding outfit for me with short dungarees and a button up blouse underneath. I got the dungarees from GAP a couple of months ago and absolutely love wearing them – even if I do feel a little bit like a child in them! The blouse is the one I’m wearing here and has become a bit of a staple in my wardrobe lately – although it does require a bit of stain remover and bleach as someone had a nappy blowout while sat on me the other day…

Unfortunately, it’s been too chilly to wear these dungaree shorts very much over the past couple of weeks which is a shame, but we’ve just booked a holiday to Italy (Emmy’s first trip abroad!) for September, so hopefully I’ll get some more wear out of them over the summer months here then I can take them with us to Italy too. I’m still slowly rebuilding my wardrobe with essentials and trying not to duplicate on items I already own similar ones to and these did seem to fill a bit of a gap for me – while I have lots of pairs of denim shorts (I’m working on cutting those down!), I didn’t have any short dungarees, and they feel a lot more “put together” than a pair of denim shorts does to me, plus they provide a little more coverage while feeding.

Anyway, Emmy’s getting bored of the play mat and foil blanket now (who would have thought that would make such a good toy anyway?!), so I’d better be getting on. I’ve got plenty of breastfeeding staple outfits to share – including a new Jojo Maman Bebe dress that I was dying to try and managed to grab a couple of weeks ago – but haven’t had the chance to photograph yet, so hopefully I’ll be back soon with those!

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