Surviving A Wedding With Your Baby

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Attending a wedding with a baby can be a daunting situation. As we all know, little ones aren’t easy to handle, especially when they’re tired, hungry, bored, or overwhelmed. The trouble is, throughout a wedding, they will probably feel all of these things. This can cause a lot of stress. Although some parents leave their little ones at home or skip weddings to look after them, you may not be able to. With that in mind, here are six things that you can do to survive the day. 

Ask The Happy Couple

Before you can even think about how to survive a wedding with a little one, you have to check that it’s okay for them to attend. Some couples simply don’t want babies at their big day. They can be quite disruptive, after all. If you have no one to take care of yours, then you must make this clear to the bride and groom. You don’t just want to wrongly assume that it will all be fine.

Bring Your Other Half

You deserve to enjoy the wedding celebrations just as much as any other guest. Unfortunately, you’ll find this difficult to do if you’re holding your little one all day and night. Rather than attend the wedding alone, therefore, you should bring your other half along. By taking turns minding the baby, you can relax and have some fun. If a partner isn’t available, then bring a friend instead. 

Wear The Right Outfit

While it isn’t possible to wear your usual leggings and baggy t-shirt to a wedding, you should consider the little one when choosing your outfit. This is especially important when you’re breastfeeding. Look for dark or heavily patterned formal dresses, rather than light ones, and ensure you have easy access to your boob. You should also wear flats instead of heels. 

Have An Escape Plan

Even if the bride and groom are happy for you to bring your baby to the wedding, they aren’t going to want them screaming through the entire ceremony. For this reason, you must make sure that you have a quick and easy way to leave if your little one gets restless. Sitting at the back is probably the best decision, especially if you can get a seat at the end of the row. 

Rent A Hotel Room

Many weddings and receptions take place at hotels these days. If this is the setting for the wedding you’re attending, then consider booking a room for the night. Even if you’re not planning to sleep over, having this space for yourself is important. Not only does it allow you somewhere private to feed the baby or pump, but it also means that your little one can have a nap. 

Let Other People Help

Almost everyone at the wedding is going to want to hold the baby. Instead of keeping them all to yourself, you should allow everyone that wants to that chance. Not only is this fun for your baby and everyone else, but it gives you a break. In this time, you could get something to eat, grab yourself a drink, have a little dance, or just relax for a little while. 

Taking a baby to a wedding can be difficult, but, hopefully, the advice above makes it a little easier for you.

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