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Baby at the Pumpkin Patch

Baby at the Pumpkin Patch - Yorkshire Pumpkins

Hey, does anyone remember when I visited my first pumpkin patch last year? Well, back this time last year, I was 21 weeks pregnant with my own little pumpkin so Beth and I talked about coming back with a 7 month old baby in 2019 – and that day finally came! It was weird for this day to be reality, and it fulfilled all my autumn dreams of taking my own child to a pumpkin patch. Plus it helped us not look so ridiculous to be picking a million pumpkins now we had a child in tow, even if she’s a bit small to be doing the picking herself (she was in the carrier most of the time which meant I got out of pushing the wheelbarrow up the hill another year in a row, yes!).

Unfortunately this year, I didn’t get the chance to theme my outfit with the pumpkins as well as I did last year – I feel like wearing my “bumpkin” T shirt again, which is the only pumpkin themed apparel I own, might give people the wrong impression (that I might be pregnant again!), and I wasn’t really willing to buy anything else pumpkin themed just for one day. I also hadn’t planned a pumpkin outfit for Emmy, so, while now she has a Halloween pumpkin outfit ready for Halloween itself courtesy of her other Aunty Beth, we just both went autumn themed instead.

Baby at the Pumpkin Patch - Yorkshire Pumpkins
Baby at the Pumpkin Patch - Yorkshire Pumpkins
Baby at the Pumpkin Patch - Yorkshire Pumpkins

Emmy’s little outfit is from M&S, both the bodysuit and the rust coloured cord dungarees. It was actually a Christmas gift for me last year from Ben’s sister and I remember thinking how 6-9 months in clothing seemed so far away, especially since our tiny bean wasn’t even born yet! Now it appears that her 6-9 month clothes are fitting so well that they’re almost too small – cry! I’m basically dressing her in dungarees everyday at the moment – they’re much easier to get her into and out of than things like leggings and tights, I feel like they make it easier for her to move around as she figures out crawling and pulling herself to stand, and they just look really cute. Especially if they’re in cord fabric. She did start the pumpkin picking in a pair of Minnetonka Moccasins that we bought her on our honeymoon – in fact before even last year’s pumpkin picking outing! – but she kicked them off as we walked across the field, cue me panicking that we’d lost her special shoes somewhere!

Baby at the Pumpkin Patch - Yorkshire Pumpkins
Baby at the Pumpkin Patch - Yorkshire Pumpkins

My outfit on the other hand was a lot less cute and a lot more “mummy comfy”! I decided that jeans were the best course of action for trudging around fields, so a warm, cozy and definitely autumnal coloured jumper fit the bill too. This is a fairly old one now, from American Apparel – it’s lovely and warm, and very comfortable.

Baby at the Pumpkin Patch - Yorkshire Pumpkins

The boots, however, are new, and probably one of my favourite purchases lately. I’ve recently discovered the benefit of investing in slightly more expensive but better quality shoes that my usual after buying a pair of Birkenstocks in summer. These boots are from Sorel – my sister has a similar pair which is what convinced me to buy them. I realised a few weeks ago that I needed to pull my autumn boots out of storage as the weather was starting to turn, but my usual ankle boots weren’t quite up to the job I needed them to be now – Emmy and I tend to walk for about an hour a day, and that will probably be happening through all weather over the winter! I wanted something to withstand cold, rain, snow and everything in between, but also look pretty good too. I was first looking at 1964 PAC 2 boots or the Caribou style, but then I spotted the Tofino and got really excited because I went to Tofino (way back in 2012!) and I absolutely loved it. Then I realised they did a “youth” version which were much cheaper and go up to a size 6 – I wear a size 5, so I thought, why not?! So yes, these are children’s boots, but they work spectacularly well and are very comfortable – I think I’ll be wearing these a lot over winter!

Baby at the Pumpkin Patch - Yorkshire Pumpkins
Baby at the Pumpkin Patch - Yorkshire Pumpkins

And this may not be Emmy’s only pumpkin patch of the year – I’m planning a trip to another with my friend and her children too soon!
Oh and we came away with 12 pumpkins for just £26 by the way – two of which were monster ones!

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  1. Heather
    October 23, 2019 / 5:25 am

    You were in Tofino? I’m going to have to read the link! I’m in Victoria so I’m familiar with Tofino. I’m overdue for a visit. It’s been a long time since I was there (2008).

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