La Coqueta Baby Clothing: Review

AD – the outfit in this post was gifted for review by La Coqueta.

Before Emmy was born, in fact before I was even pregnant, I had dreams of outfits for little girls. If you’ve been around the blog for a while, you might know that I love sewing, and I had big dreams of sewing a beautiful wardrobe for my own little girl, filled with beautiful pieces – classic dresses, cute dungarees and cute little bodysuits. As it turns out, babies take up a lot of time, and the time you actually do get when they’re asleep ends up being filled with necessities – like eating! I thought I might be able to squeeze sewing into nap times, but sewing machines can be pretty loud, so that failed! On top of that, babies grow out of clothes so quickly that I was worried she would outgrow anything I made her before I was even finished!

La Coqueta baby outfit review
La Coqueta baby outfit review

So far all I’ve managed to make Emmy are a few headbands and a baby nest (which actually ended up as a cat bed!), but I’m still hoping to create some pieces for her in future. In the meantime though, I’m filling her wardrobe with all the beautiful clothes from other places – hand knits from great grandma make up a large portion of this, and supermarket pieces make fantastic staples.

I was recently offered the opportunity for Emmy to try out an outfit from a brand called La Coqueta, and once I started exploring the site, I knew this was an opportunity not to be refused. La Coqueta specialises in traditional, timeless kids clothing, bringing classically designed Spanish clothing to the UK. This is a style I have adored for years – the attention to detail with carefully placed frills and smocking harks back nostalgically to times gone by, and the thoughtfully chosen fabrics make these outfits unique. I remember dressing my dolls in outfits like these when I was younger, and now Emmy can wear these delightful outfits too.

For Emmy, I chose the Brindisa set which has gorgeous ruffles on the shoulders, wrists and across the front in a ditsy autumnal floral print. The set is made up of a little smock style top (in terms of shape – it has no actual smocking) and a pair of matching bloomers. The set is so beautifully designed and constructed – the top has a lining which is edged with a scalloped frill where it might peek out from underneath – and is finished with mother of pearl buttons on the back. As I said before, the attention to detail is perfect.

La Coqueta baby outfit review

Here Emmy is wearing size 12m which is still a little big for her – at 7 months, when these photos were taken (she’s just turned 8 months, eek!) she’s currently wearing age 6-9 months in the vast majority of her clothing. Nevertheless, it’s still wearable and should fit her for at least another 4-5 months, if not more.

La Coqueta baby outfit review

We paired this set with some thick woollen tights – a very traditional look – and it would also look lovely with a pair of knee high socks, maybe that’s what we’ll go for in spring, maybe even with a little pair of shoes then too!
And you might be able to tell that Emmy’s a bit out of it in these photos – she was suffering with her first ever cold (I think we’re lucky to have got this far before getting a proper cold!) and was really snotty so not really up for a photo shoot! Nevertheless, she still looks very cute, in my very biased opinion!

It’s been a super busy month for Emmy and I over October – we returned from holiday, I went back to work, Emmy got poorly, she learned how to crawl forwards (finally – she’d been going backwards for ages!), and we celebrated Emmy’s first Halloween. Stay tuned for my 8 month Emmy update soon – when I get the chance to write it!

La Coqueta baby outfit review

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