This is not goodbye – Quietly Curious

This is not goodbye, it’s moving on.

I’ve felt for a while like I’d outgrown this space. Rebel Angel was my online scribble pad as a 19 year old. It followed me through my years at uni, my foray into teaching, my journey in digital marketing. It watched me get engaged, married and pregnant then give birth last year.

At the very beginning, this space was to document what I did every day and what I wore to do it. We talked about baking, books I was reading and the many times I missed the bus, alongside my experiments in rewearing my clothes on a student budget.

Not a lot has changed, but also everything has changed.

The blog grew with me for many years, but in the past few years, the old content has been weighing me down. I’m no longer 19 and shopping on a student budget. My priorities are different.

Today I’m retiring Rebel Angel. This space will remain permanently, with all the posts that have ever been here still where they’ve always been. I didn’t think I would feel so emotional about it. It’s like sending your old favourite clothes to charity – they don’t suit you any more, they don’t fit you, but you’re holding onto them just because, trying to fit them into your current life.

Today I’m launching Quietly Curious.

I’ve never been one to settle for a single passion in life, and Quietly Curious is my new space to explore any and every interest I have. But in a new way. Quietly Curious will have a focus on intentional living – appreciating every small moment, living life slowly and simply with a conscious and conscientious mindset.

The content there will be much the same as that which I’ve posted here recently, except it won’t have the old content from years gone by behind it. In fact, some of my most recent and old posts that fit the new site’s style will find a new home there. But while anyone and everyone can change, it seems odd to me to think that posts about sustainable style would sit on the same space as ones where I once talked about Primark hauls if I continued to post here.

This way of living and thinking is not completely new to me. The rewearing clothes posts I wrote as a student have been a staple throughout my life. But where once I would have bought multitudes of new clothes to wear alongside the new, I no longer want to do that. I’ve been trying to live more green for a few years.

The “identity crisis” I’ve talked about here before partly comes into this too. I don’t feel that I can reconcile my current self-image with the one that has been portrayed here for years and years, and I’ve been trying to fit my newer self into my old blogging style, and trying to squeeze myself to into getting content on this blog when I haven’t really felt inspired to.

The focus, as ever, in this new space will be on personal lifestyle but with a sustainable and intentional living twist. It’ll be about taking in the small, quiet moments in life, exploring where your passions lead you, and finding extraordinary in the simple things every day. I have planned a curated selection of content around parenthood with a Montessori approach, my focused wardrobe and Emmy’s, organising and running a family home, adventures home and away, and even how I reconcile digital life with these themes.

I’m feeling excited and inspired for Quietly Curious, and I hope you’ll join me there. 


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  1. johanna rosenfield
    May 23, 2020 / 9:08 pm

    What a wonderful communication; To let people know how you feel and your intentions in saying goodbye to some things while making room for new ones. I appreciate the thought and care you out into that!

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