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Tobi olive crop top with jeans outfit

I know what my sister’s answer would be to that question: NO, Sian, you are not cool!

It feels like all the cool kids wear crop tops with their jeans, and I’ve somewhat missed this trend bandwagon. I own a few tops that are cropped, but I haven’t really bought into the proper crop top trend, mostly because of one big issue: the bottom hem of a crop top tends to sit directly under my chest. Thanks to my somewhat sizeable bust, the vast majority of the fabric is taken up, showing off a lot more stomach than I’d like to, which is sad. I’ve tried sizing up for more length, but I often end up with something that’s too baggy or too wide across my shoulders and back then.

But occasionally I spot an on-trend piece that I still want to try and wear because I like it so much, and that’s what happened with this halterneck crop top I received from Tobi. I like olive coloured clothing – probably only because it’s a few shades off grey! – and the halterneck is an entirely different style to my usual. I worried again about the bra situation because of the strapless back, but fortunately my strapless Wonderbra fit under it nicely. To be honest, it does look like a lot of chest going on in it, but I think it will make a fab addition to my holiday wardrobe – it would be super easy to throw on with denim shorts over a bikini.

Tobi olive crop top with jeans outfit

Tobi olive crop top with jeans outfit

In an effort to keep to the “cool girl” look, I also wore my white trainers with this. I don’t often wear them because they rub my heels if I have to move around a lot, but I like the look of them. My usual shoes are simple ballet flats or sandals, so they’re another quite different item for me but I feel like they work with the more sportswear focused aspect of this look.

It’s definitely getting a little bit too chilly to wear this outfit now – we took the pictures in the last week of August when it was still mild, but there have been a couple of most definitely chilly mornings this week. I’ve always loved summer but autumn is definitely my thing now – so blogger cliche, I know!

So while I don’t have kids, the schools are back and it’s feeling like a new start again. I’m back at Brownies tonight after our summer break and am doing a marketing course with work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so it’s a busy time right now – when isn’t it?! Fortunately tonight is just a welcome back and games night so it should be fun!

Outfit Details

Crop Top: c/o Tobi | Jeans: Hollister | Trainers: ASOS

Tobi olive crop top with jeans outfit

Tobi olive crop top with jeans outfit



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  1. 长谷香子
    September 11, 2017 / 9:21 am

    You look so happy on the pictures, it makes me smile.

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