Freelance Digital Services

Freelance Digital Services

By day, I’m a digital marketer; by night, I’m a blogger. You might say that I’m a little bit immersed in the digital world.

If you’re looking for someone with years of experience in the digital industry, look no further. I’ve worked in blogger and influencer outreach daily for more than 5 years at top UK digital agency, Bronco. I’ve done everything from content generation and creation to content management campaigns with clients ranging from tech start ups to interiors; I’ve run social media campaigns with fashion brands and healthcare; I write and manage blogs on everything from finance and food to tech and teaching.

Here’s what I can offer you:

  • Digital PR – A full scale digital marketing campaign. I can create press releases, run surveys, liaise with journalists, push out across social media and more.
  • Influencer Outreach¬†– This is my speciality! I’ve worked with (literally!) thousands of bloggers and influencers over the past 5 years as well as interacting with them as a blogger. I have already established relationships set up and can help get your brand in front of huge readerships.
  • Social Media Management – Don’t have time to run your own social platforms? Let me help!
  • Content Creation & Copywriting¬†– I’ve been writing professionally for 5 years, writing blogs for 8 years, and writing for fun my whole life – I always wanted to be a writer. I can create bespoke articles for you with in depth research into the required topic. I’ve written hundreds of SEO optimised product descriptions and pieces of category content for websites.
  • Blog Management – I’m very experienced in the use of WordPress, currently running and managing 6 blogs as well as creating additional content for company blogs.
  • Proof Reading – I used to be a teacher and I’m always happy to get my red pen out again. In fact, I quite enjoy it! I have a degree in Classics (Latin & Ancient Greek), an A at A level taken a year early in English Language (including one of the highest marks in the country – I don’t like to brag!), and a passion for spotting mistakes.
  • Even more – Being part of a thriving UK digital agency, I’m constantly surrounded by SEO chat. I can also do some basic design and HTML. On top of all that, I am very reliable, super speedy at my work and have excellent attention to detail.

Like what you’re reading? Get in touch to discuss what I can do for your business and for examples of my previous work.

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