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I’m starting to enjoy doing these wishlists, so I decided to do another for you – up this time, New Look. And let me tell you something, I haven’t ordered from New Look for a long time, and I haven’t bought anything in store for probably a year, which is pretty good going for me, I’ve got to say, but I think I’m actually going to place an order with a few of the things below after this post, oops! They’re already sitting in the basket waiting to be bought now in fact! This list is coming from two directions (not One Direction ahaha – that wasn’t even funny) – I was planning to do another Winter Sun list, but my brain has officially switched out of summer mode now. I am currently wearing a brown floral dress with a mustard cardigan, proof? I think so. So the list combines things I desperately now need (#firstworldproblems) for autumn/winter with my new obsession, searching for my perfect Christmas party dress. So our work Christmas party is in the process of being booked now, meaning I’ve started to think about it, specifically what to wear to it. I’ve never had a work Christmas party before, so it’s very exciting to me. Plus, it’s a night – cue sparkly dresses, glitzy shoes, Sian falling over (despite probably not even drinking). So here we go!
Black Pattern (Black) Black 3/4 Sleeve Baroque Jacquard Skater Dress | 292780409 | New Look
New Look’s range of party dresses is pretty impressive – a whole 22 pages?! Yep, I spent some time there. This is a relatively simple dress, but that’s the way I like it really. Sort of sparkly, nice full skirt and flattering shape, pretty!
Black (Black) Black Embellished Neck Keyhole Sleeveless Skater Dress | 283256301 | New Look
#2 Embellished Neck Dress
Another pretty evening dress, this one with a bit of embellishment, because that can’t really harm anyone on a casino night (well, I could probably hurt myself on it, but there you go). It’s simple again, but such a pretty shape.
Black (Black) London Rebel Black Perspex Court Shoes | 271295501 | New Look
Alas, we have entered the elusive (not so elusive actually) shoe section, I may get stuck here. I had these shoes in my ASOS wishlist, then spotted them on New Look £7 cheaper – bargain? I think so! Not just appropriate for evenings out, but also office wear (I think…).
Deep Red (Red) Dark Red Cut Out Triple Buckle Boots | 286693562 | New Look
These shoes might just be my new best friends (and currently sitting in the basket waiting to take up that position). First let me tell you, I don’t like cut out boots – they confuse me. I wear boots in winter so my feet don’t get cold and wet, but if you cut out sections, I get wet, cold feet. These are sort of less ‘boot’ and more ‘Mary Jane with lots of buckles’. So my search has brought me here, to these boots, which I like, a lot.
Black Pattern (Black) Black Grid Check Pleated Skater Skirt | 294229609 | New Look
I like full skirts; I like tartan; I like high waisted skirts – so what is not to love? Technically it’s not tartan but ‘check’ but that’s a finer detail we’ll skip around because this is pretty and autumny.


  1. August 30, 2013 / 4:59 pm

    I felt the same about cut out boots until I saw orchid grey rocking some amazing ones and then I bought a pair in New look (similar to above bit gold tips and buckles) and now I absolutely adore them!! Funny, I wouldn’t have looked twice at them previously! I’m co hosting a blog hop O’Day hun, would be great if you linked this or any fashion post up with us! Xx

  2. August 30, 2013 / 6:25 pm

    I love the boots and the skirt! 🙂

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