Outfit: Denim A Line Skirt & Leather Boots

Denim A Line skirt outfit with boots Denim A Line skirt outfit with boots

Denim A Line skirt outfit with boots Denim A Line skirt outfit with boots

Wow, can you believe it’s only 4 days till Christmas?! I’ve had so many posts planned in the run up to it and yet only just managed to get a few of those up – I do also have several sets of photos taken but not yet edited, so you will eventually get those too.
But it’s been crazy the last week or so! Not only because of Christmas coming up, but because Ben’s just started at a new job which means 8am starts with an hour’s commute for him, and means me waking up with his alarm at around 6am too – just to note, I am not a morning person whatsoever, I only just manage to get up for 7.45am normally for work as it is. That’s not to mention the 7.30am Monday morning meetings he has too, so today’s alarm was at 5.45am – I strongly feel that no one should see a number starting with 5 on the clock in the morning! Luckily I managed to switch off the alarm this morning and go back to sleep, but I always hate doing that as I end up in a deeper sleep than before and find it more difficult to wake up when I have to then, something to do with sleep cycles apparently. So in the new year, I’ll be trying to get up with him and going to the gym or swimming before work, or using that time otherwise blogging, sewing or doing housework (yucks). Nevertheless, Ben seems to be very much enjoying the new job, so there’s that!
We had my work Christmas party on Friday evening which was awesome as usual. This time, I didn’t manage to grab outfit photos but I did share a (somewhat blurry!) snap on Instagram of my outfit – a (very!) tight red dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing and my new red “Dorothy” shoes from Irregular Choice. Hopefully I’ll manage to get some proper photos of the outfit soon, but that means getting all dressed up again – maybe between Christmas and New Year!
We’d also celebrated at work that day too before heading to the Christmas party with our office Secret Santa (from which I got this amazing woolly hat) and Christmas Jumper Day where I slightly flouted the rules by wearing a Christmas dress and matching jacket. To be fair, I did take along my Olaf Christmas jumper which was a gift from Charley last year to wear over the top too!
The morning after the Christmas party, Ben and I went into Harrogate (we stayed at the Crown Hotel in Harrogate, which was amazing by the way!) specifically so that I could go fabric shopping – my favourite past time! I’d come across the Remnant House fabric website recently and really liked a lot of things on there, then realised just a couple of days before the Christmas party that it was in Harrogate. We live fairly near Harrogate, but with the windy back roads from our house to there (not to mention that the driving in Harrogate is awful!), we don’t go often. So best option was of course to get up early after the Christmas party and make a visit to the shop before the Christmas shopping rush hit. Fortunately we both woke up nice and early, had a lovely breakfast in the hotel, and my fabric dreams came true! I’d asked Ben a few weeks ago if he could buy me the Gertie Sews Vintage Casual book for Christmas, so when I knew we were visiting Remnant House I had to find out whether he’d bought it or not. He obliged and allowed me to have this Christmas present early, so I went through the book, picked out the patterns I’d like to make and wrote a list of everything I needed for them. Amazingly I found everything I needed for all the patterns, plus a few extras such as black powernet for bra making, in the shop too – I can’t WAIT to go back!
And finally, onto the outfit this post is supposed to be featuring – oops! It’s a fairly casual standard outfit really, with a newish skirt from F&F which Ben chose for me as he was putting in an order for himself. I never realised my wardrobe had a big denim A line skirt gap, but it did! Along with a SUPER cheap (ie. 50p) striped top from Lidl (I know, but it fits really well!), my Clarks boots which come out at this time of year and a J. Crew cardigan, it’s a good staple autumn winter outfit. Oh and the necklace, of course! This little guy has been a necklace I’ve worn a few times over the past couple of years, but after losing my old favourite dragonfly necklace recently (Ben bought it for 18th, so you can imagine how upset I was!), he’s become my new everyday necklace!

Outfit Details

Cardigan: J. Crew | Top: Lidl (50p!!) | Fox Necklace: Hoobyoo WorldDenim A Line Skirt: F&F | Boots: Clarks

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