Pregnancy Diary: Week 19 | 20 week scan & nursery furniture

19 weeks pregnant blogger pregnancy diary

19 weeks pregnant was another good one, not only did I continue to feel pretty awesome, at least compared to the first trimester, but we also did some fun things and had our 20 week scan too!

On Friday evening, we rushed back from work to do something exciting: see Charley’s play, Blackthorn, at the West Yorkshire Playhouse! This was brilliant – we saw it in Leeds the first time it was on, but had missed seeing it at the Edinburgh Fringe and when it did a rural tour recently, but luckily we managed to catch it again. Charley also did a Q&A afterwards which was just amazing. Blackthorn’s now been put to bed, and I know I’m going to be a bit biased, but honestly, Charley’s writing is simply wonderful and I would highly recommend catching any of her future plays – keep your eyes peeled for her bright future!

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Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes - Roast Dinner

On Saturday, I went shopping with Beth as I needed a couple more bits of maternity wear. I only ended up buying some basics, but they were very needed: a polka dot top the same as my striped one (worn above), 2 plain tees and some maternity tights, then these dungarees, of course! That afternoon, we had a fun afternoon where we made therapy dough, and watched American Horror Story while I made us all a roast dinner once Ben was home from work.

Mamas & Papas Harrow cot for nursery from Argos

On Sunday we did something unusual for us and went out for breakfast with Charley & Frankie at a new local cafe, then came back to ours for coffee.
At lunchtime, our nursery furniture was delivered, eek!! We got to work building the cot, but left the other bits to make on future weekends as we headed over to my family’s for an autumnal BBQ in their cabin.

The Olive Branch - breakfast

This week, I finished reading Your Birth, Your Baby by Hollie de Cruz and really loved it. I’m now super excited for our hypnobirthing classes to start and feeling very positive about the whole experience.

Tuesday marked an exciting day – the 20 week scan! Fortunately, I didn’t feel quite as nervous about this one as the last, but we were really excited to be able to see the baby again and make sure that everything was okay. This scan is the anomaly one, so they’re checking all of the baby’s body parts to make sure everything’s looking as it should – considering that our last scan showed everything nice and normal and we hadn’t had any issues in the intervening time, we were too worried about this, but there’s always that niggling doubt that something isn’t going to be okay. Fortunately, the baby had been feeling pretty active and shuffling around in there the couple of days before which had been reassuring me.

20 week scan image - sucking thumb
Sucking her thumb!

Seeing a little wriggly figure on the ultrasound was just as amazing as last time – and when I say wriggly, I mean wriggly! The sonographer actually struggled at times to get a clear picture as she was moving around SO much! We saw everything – her brain, the 4 tiny chambers of her heart, all the bones in her arms, legs, fingers and toes, her kidneys. It’s amazing how clear the scans nowadays are! We got the most wonderful photos from this scan of her sucking her thumb and pulling it out of her open mouth – I love these SO much!

20 week scan image - open mouth & smiling!
Open mouth and smiling!

BUT the problem area…right at the end, the sonographer asked if we had any questions and we only had one: “Can we tell if it’s a boy or a girl?” She angled the wand so we could take a look and BOOM – the tiny person inside me snapped their legs closed and immediately stopped wriggling – bedtime! Based on what we’d already seen and what she could see at that moment, she said she was fairly certain it was a little girl, but couldn’t be all that sure – in fact, she warned us not to go out and buy too much pink yet! (Luckily we weren’t planning this!)

Blogger Gender's a girl! Next fox baby outfit

We popped over to the nearby shops afterwards to grab some lunch before heading home, and found my mum who happened to be over in York for her weekly shop. This was awesome as we could tell her the news in person, and I prepared to pull the fox dress I’d just grabbed in Next out of my bag to reveal to her, but managed to give away the “her” part in describing how “she” snapped “her” legs shut – whoops!

Since we weren’t all that sure about whether the girl verdict was a definite, we started talking that afternoon about booking a private scan, and by the end of the next day, we had one booked for Saturday which is where we found out for definite which allowed me to reveal the gender last week. Stay tuned for my 20 week pregnancy diary update for that scan!

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