5 Favourite Bedding Sets

You all know I’m obsessed with pretty bedding, right? Well I’ve held off buying new bedding for months – in fact, I think the last set we bought was possibly in winter – I think maybe January or February! Unfortunately, that set was very cheap and while it looks super pretty (it’s stag heads and checks, of course it’s going to be pretty), it’s already started to get a little bit bobbly. Ben doesn’t believe me on this, but with the sleeping issues I have, the tiniest bit of discomfort against my skin when I’m trying to sleep will keep me awake half the night.

And it wasn’t just me that set off on this quest for new bedding – Ben sent me a link to a brushed cotton duvet cover he liked the look of the other day when I was at work, then Pinterest decided to show me other pretties.

New bedding definitely helps me to sleep better though, so it’s an investment, right? And on top of that, it makes you feel better to go up to bed at night and see something you love. Plus some I think that some of these bedding options might make fabulous Instagram flatlay background #justsayin.
Celestial Bedding Urban Outfitters
This celestial bedding from Urban Outfitters is oh-so-whimsical. Who doesn’t want the constellations of the night sky decorating their bed as they sleep?

George at Asda Tartan BeddingBrushed cotton bedding is the best. George at Asda have the best bedding designs. Put these two together and you’ve got this perfect tartan brushed cotton set – I’ll take 10.

IKEA Quirky Florals duvet cotton

We’ve got a couple of sets of IKEA bedding already and I love them. The cotton is very loose and soft – I don’t like that “crisp” feel to sheets – and they’re super pretty. I love this quirky floral design, plus they have this embroidered cushion to match – always a winner.

Urban Outfitters Peaches duvetAnother Urban Outfitters set that’s stolen my heart: these Peaches. I know I’m such a stereotypical Instagramming Millennial, but imagine how pretty that would look as a background!

John Lewis Scandi Lotta Duvet

I’ll take anything that’s even a hint Scandi or hygge, so throw mustard yellow and grey into the mix and I’m sold. This set from John Lewis is ideal to appeal to every one of my bedding desires.


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