Outfit: Made in 1928

Mickey Mouse baseball tee outfit at Byland Abbey Mickey Mouse baseball tee outfit at Byland Abbey

Look at this, after saying the other day that I’m not really into outfit posts any more – I’m back with an outfit post! It definitely helped that I was wearing an outfit I really loved while driving past a beautiful backdrop, with my camera in tow, and the sun was partially shining.

As I mentioned in that post, I’ve pared down my wardrobe hugely and I’m trying to keep it that way – only replacing things that need replacing, and buying things only as needed, not because I just want them. It’s a difficult process, especially for someone like me who’s always loved fast fashion, but so far, it’s going well. We’re into the fifth month of the year and I’m still avoiding clothes websites like the plague so I’m not tempted!

As a result, I’ve started to notice something that’s really helping me to pinpoint what I like to wear: because I have fewer clothes to choose from, there are certain ones that I’m wearing more frequently and certain outfits I’m choosing more. And right now, that common factor is Disney.

Mickey Mouse baseball tee outfit at Byland Abbey Mickey Mouse baseball tee outfit at Byland Abbey Mickey Mouse baseball tee outfit at Byland Abbey

I try really hard not to be that Disney-obsessive stereotype, but you know what, I love Disney and I’m hardly ashamed of it. Even better, I’ve indoctrinated my husband-to-be (oh yes people, it’s this month!!) into the Disney addiction. To clarify, while I do love Disney films, it’s the Disney parks that we’re really obsessed with. And I mean obsessed. I think Ben may even know more Disney park knowledge and trivia than I do now, and I’ve been to Florida more than 10 times and Disneyland Paris 3 times!

I can totally see the perspective of those that don’t get Disney. Ben was one of these people completely. On his first trip to Disney in 2011, he was confused about all the fuss; he had a good time, but didn’t “get” it. The second time, he liked it more but wasn’t completely taken by it. By our most recent trip last year, he was converted. My theory is that the magic of Disney lives in the nostalgia. While it’s definitely magical the first time, it’s the return trips that really hit home and make you understand what the magic is that people talk about.

So back to the outfit – I’ve noticed over the past few weeks that barely a day has gone by where I’m not wearing something Disney themed. I don’t deliberately try to dress in Disney clothing, but I’ll find myself throwing on my Epcot hoodie to keep warm, a T shirt from my favourite ride, or simply my Minnie Mouse Superga trainers, which I’m wearing pretty much constantly at the moment. I don’t want to be cliche, but what can I say? I am cliche! We watch Disney vloggers every day – I’m not joking, it’s every day – so my mind is always half in the happiest place on earth, and I like my outfit to match that feeling. It makes me feel happy.

Mickey Mouse baseball tee outfit at Byland Abbey Mickey Mouse baseball tee outfit at Byland Abbey Mickey Mouse baseball tee outfit at Byland Abbey

Moving on to the rest of the outfit, these jeans from ASOS are one of my favourite pairs. I currently own about 6 pairs of jeans: mostly high rise, but a couple of different washes, a couple are stretchier than others, and some are shorter than others. These are the Farleigh Mom jeans from ASOS which are hugely popular – if you’re considering some, make sure to check out My Favourite Voucher Codes for discounts on them. The only problem I have is that I have to roll up the ankles, otherwise they sit at an awkward height and leg width, but that makes them not match with flat boots (the only outfit I’ve got them to work with boots on is this one), so it’s trainers or ballet pumps instead, but my ankles get chilly. As a result, they’re packed away for most of winter and only pulled out when the weather starts to look up. Fortunately that’s starting to happen and – yay! – I’ve got them out again.

And a quick word on the location – this is Byland Abbey, not too far away from where we live, and on the journey between our house and my mum and dad’s. It’s a beautiful crumbling monastery built around 1150 and closed in 1538 during the dissolution of the monasteries. The window is said to have inspired the window at York Minster. The ruins still stand today though and can be visited. My uncle and aunt even held their wedding reception there! It’s one of those places we drive past often and just kind of…ignore, sadly! It’s only when you stop to take the time to look at it and consider the history behind the stones that you realise just how amazing it is to have somewhere like this so nearby. Astounding, really!

Outfit details

Mickey Mouse Baseball Tee: Primark (very old!) | Belt: ASOS | Jeans: ASOS | Minnie Mouse trainers: Superga

Mickey Mouse baseball tee outfit at Byland Abbey

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