Pregnancy Diary: Week 8 | First Midwife Appointment

8 weeks pregnant bump - blogger pregnancy diary 8 weeks
Apparently getting pictures of a bump before the bump is really showing is very difficult!

How far along? 8 weeks
Total weight gain/measurements: Still around the same although I seem to be very slowly losing weight as the average number is going down! Putting that down to the general fatigue and feeling sick meaning I don’t want to eat very much, although the stuff I have been eating isn’t great – Ben keeps telling me he’s sick of carbs!
Maternity clothes: Didn’t buy or wear any this week.
Stretch marks? Nothing yet!
Best moment this week: Finally reaching my midwife appointment!
Miss anything? I had to miss one of my best friend’s birthday drinks which was sad 🙁
Movement: I swear I felt something but Ben just laughed at me and told me to stop being so stupid – not happening at 8 weeks!
Food cravings: No major ones, but I do want to eat fresh fruit a lot. I did decide I needed hazelnut yoghurt one night then cried because I wasn’t sure the Co-op (our only local shop) would have it. Turns out they didn’t but I made do with a Muller corner yoghurt instead. I’ve also been relying on prawn cocktail crisps if I’m feeling a bit woozy (these are ALWAYS a fave), ginger biscuits and cereal bars, but I wouldn’t say those are cravings.
Anything making you queasy or sick? Eurgh, lots of things. We ate soy beans with our tea one night and I loved them as I always do, then I couldn’t even bear to look at them the next day in my leftovers. Still hating on chicken, although I managed to eat a couple of pieces of it in curry when it was hidden away under all the spices! Most green veg apart from broccoli – especially soft salad leaves like spinach.
I seem to be swapping between wanting only salt and savoury things to wanting sweet things like fruit, then to sour like yoghurt or lemon. Choosing our meals for the week in advance is really hard work!!
Gender: Too early but still mostly convinced it’s a boy even though I’ve only ever imagined myself with girls my whole life!
Symptoms: Feeling vaguely sick most of the time and a few instances of feeling really sick. I was actually sick for the first time at 8 weeks 3 days – more on this later. The fatigue has diminished a little and I’ve felt a bit more myself since the weekend – at least, more talking, dancing around the house, singing and whatnot. I’m waiting for it to strike again though! I’ve also started with an annoying pain at very base of my spine on the right hand side that goes down my bottom and leg – I’m not sure whether this is a symptom or I’ve just pulled a muscle, but either way, it’s no fun!
Belly button in or out? In!
Wedding rings on or off? On!
Happy or moody most of the time? I still say happy; Ben says he can’t wait for the first trimester to be over…
Looking forward to: Getting the letter with the date for my 12 week scan!

Monday – I feel like I got some of my energy back and felt more motivated to work and respond to blog emails than I previously had – I’d been ignoring my poor inbox for 3 weeks! (I can say now that sadly this didn’t last – the inbox is once again neglected, so sorry if you’re waiting for a reply from me, I’m just doing what I can right now!)

Tuesday – my parents came over so we could go through our recently edited and returned wedding photos, and we got a takeaway. Fortunately I could manage this!

Wednesday – I really struggled with feeling sick all morning at work and had to come home at lunch time because I couldn’t deal with people cooking lunch down the office. A bit of a fail, but I managed to get on with work much better at home.

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Thursday – I was working at home today before my first midwife appointment (eek!) which was lucky as I was sick in the morning for the first time. This was super distressing for me as someone with emetophobia, but I consoled myself with the fact that I hadn’t died, I was still alive, it wasn’t the end of the world…like I’ve said already, I have a whole post about this coming up.
My midwife appointment went really well. She got my blood super easily (which is a REAL challenge for me!) and I filled in a bazillion forms. Basically this appointment is just to get all the details and discuss a few things, so it wasn’t terribly exciting, but felt like a big milestone. She did throw me though by asking how my previous pregnancy had gone – apparently she’d seen something in my notes mentioning this, but then couldn’t find it again when she looked! I sat there for a good 30 seconds trying to remember if there was a previous pregnancy I’d forgotten!

Random musing this week: I’ve read everywhere that frequent urination is a really common side effect of early pregnancy – I always thought this came along later when baby was kicking the bladder, but apparently not! Anyway, weirdly this hasn’t been too much of an issue for me, even though I’ve been drinking lots and especially weird considering my bladder issues. I have had some stabby bladder pain though that I’m putting down to my uterus expanding into my bladder space, so hopefully this doesn’t become a regular thing. (Ha, little did I know…just wait a week or two for the cystitis diagnosis).

Saturday was frustrating as I had to miss one of my best friend’s birthday drinks. I’d agreed to coming before we found out, then when we did know, I thought I’d be fine just not drinking (as I don’t really anyway so no one would notice any different!). Unfortunately I felt so terrible on the day that I had to pass on it.

Sunday was a bit more fun though because we bought me a new car! We’d been planning to get one anyway with future family plans in mind, but we decided to just go for it now that I’ll need a bigger and higher up vehicle to get the seat (and baby!) in and out of more easily. We had a bit of a drive to pick it up that I was quite worried about considering my current state of constant nausea, but I managed alright with a lot of snacks, water and mints.

This week also included Amazon Prime Day. We felt like it was way too early to buy anything baby-related, and normally wouldn’t have done, but there were some offers I couldn’t pass up, including a couple of items that I’ve had planned to buy for a baby based on others’ recommendations for like a year. While it seems ridiculous, I thought I could always return or save them for future if need be.

One final super fun thing to note is that my whole first trimester so far has being during Britain’s craziest heatwave in living memory – I’ve never known it be so hot for so long! So yeah, that makes it even more…fun.

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